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Place of Origin China
Brand Name kemercathy
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number HJW series
Minimum Order Quantity 1 SET
Packaging Details CASE
Delivery Time 10 DAYS
Payment Terms T/T. L/C
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Product Description

We are the manufacturer of self-recovery winch, hydrauic winch, pulling winch, truck winch, towing winch, wrecker winch, recovery hydraulic winch, Hydraulic Truck Winch For Wagon Tugger Garbage Truck Winch with compacted design. multidisc type friction brake

with more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing different types of hydraulic winches for widely application.

Company Introduction

We are the group company in China, the registered capacity is 6,000,000 and the factory area is about 6000sqm. Staffed with 150 employees, including 10 engineers.

The products are widely used in engineering machinery, ship-, petroleum-, mining industry, metallurgical machinery, light industry, agriculture, enviroment.
Now we are stepping into the international market, our products are being exported toGermany, USA, CANADA, ITALY, NETHERLAND, KOREAM, SINGAPORE, TURKEY, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, INDONESIA and others.
Specification of hydraulic winch:
1. Pull force of 1st layer: 1-60 ton
2. Rope speed: 0-200m/min
3. Option for the winch with groove or without groove
Product description

HJW series Hydraulic Compact Truck Winch For Wagon Tugger Winch which mainly consists planetary decelerator, hydraulic motor, brake, drum, etc. the winch makes the operation more stable and the structure more reasonable, its use multidisc type friction brake makes the brake torque large, safe and reliable.

Application of HJW series winch

For the winch in the picture, it is out YJP series recovery hydraulic winch. 

This type of winches are used on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo truck, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armoured flighting vehicles, off-load vehicles, tractors, loaders and earthmovers, fire engines, high tension line stringing rigs and many other applications.


1. Full-float typed planetary gear reducer makes the operation more stable, the structure more reasonable.
2. Adopt multidisc-typed friction normally-closed arrester makes the brake torque larger, safer and more reliable.
3. The product is featured by its small size, compact construction and high transmission efficiency.
4. Free wire releasing function.
5. Adopt motor with long use life.
6. The installation bracket can be manufactured according to the customer's requirement.
7. According to the requirement of customers, manufacture the balance valve and shuffle valve special for this winch.
8. Adopt manual, pneumatic clutch equipment.
9. Manufacture according to GJB82-86 National Military Hydraulic Winch Standard. 


Specification of winch


    Model        The 1st Layer  Flowing Of System(L/min)  Working Pressure Diff.(Mpa)  Diameter (mm)       Capacity Of Rope (m)   Hydraulic Motor Ratio
Pull Force (KN)  Rope Speed (m/min)   
HJW30 30 5.5 45 15 11 23 OMP80 48
HJW40 40 5 53 16 11 25 0MP80 52
HJW50 50 5 55 17 13 30 OMS125 43
HJW80 80 5 95 16 17 30 OMT250 35
HJW065 65 7.5 55 15 14 45 OMS80 36
HJW100 98 6 55 17 18 59 OMS160 36
HJW150 147 6 54 17 22 56 OMS250 36
HJW200 196 6 78 17 26 49 OMS315 36
HJW250 245 5 88 18 28 60 OMT315 53.28
HJW300 294 5 94 19 30 60.1 OMT315 53.28
HJW400 395 3 120 17 36 120 OMT500


Contact Information

Contact: Cathy

Skype: kemercathy

Email: kemercn@hotmail.com

Tel: 0086-134 8664 5746

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