high quality supplier of GW series hydraulic winch

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: kemercn@hotmail.com
Certification: ISO
Model Number: GW series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: case
Product Details
Pull Force: 1-100 Ton Rope Speed: On Request
Driven By: Hydraulic Motor Or Electric Motor On Request Applied For: Drilling Rig, Marine, Dredger, Crane, Etc.
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Product Description
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Company introduction
We are the China-based manufacturer of hydraulic winch (hydraulic winch, hoisting winch, wireline winch, cargo winch, drilling rig winch, crane winch, marine winch, dredger winch, hydraulic winches, compact winch, free fall hydraulic winch) with more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing different types of hydraulic winches fro widely application.
We are the group company in China, the registered capacity is 6,000,000 and the factory area is about 6000sqm. Staffed with 150 employees, including 10 engineers.
The products are widely used in engineering machinery, ship-, petroleum-, mining industry, metallurgical machinery, light industry, agriculture, enviroment.
Now we are stepping into the international market, our products are being exported to
Product introduction

For the winch in the picture, it is our GW series hydraulic winches (hydraulic winch, hoisting winch, wireline winch, drilling rig winch, crane winch, dredger winch), which are widely used in marine deck machinery, harbor, petroleum, drill machine, engineering machinery, mining, geological exploration and construction machinery.



1. One-or two-stage planetary gearboxes, smooth operation and reasonable structure.
2. Normally closed friction type brake, high braking torque, safe and reliable operating.
3. Small volume, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
4. Radial piston hydraulic motor with long life operating.
5. Mounting frame is available on request.
6. Balance valve, shuttle valve, limit switch and other accessories are also available on request.



For the following specification, it is for your reference, we can also design and manufacture the winch with pull force up to 60 ton based on your requirements.

Model The 1st layer Diameter of reel bottom (mm) Diameter of rope (mm) Capacity of rope (mm) Hydraulic motor Gearbox Model
Pull Force (KN) Rope Speed (m/min)
GW2.5-10-60-10-ZP 10 0-30 238 10 60 GM05-110D51 C2.5-5
GW2.5-20-50-12-ZP 20 0-30 238 12 50 GM05-200D51 C2.5-5.5
GW3-30-65-15-ZP 30 0-35 305 15 65 GM2-420D51 C3-5
GW3-40-60-16-ZP 40 0-35 305 16 60 GM2-500D51 C3-5.5
GW4-50-70-20-ZP 50 0-40 380 20 70 GM3-900D240101 C4-5
GW4-60-68-21.5-ZP 60 0-40 380 21.5 68 GM3-1000D240101 C4-5.5
GW5-80-100-24-ZP 80 0-40 470 24 100 GM5-1800D240101 C5-5
GW5-100-90-28-ZP 100 0-40 470 28 90 GM5-2000D240101 C5-5.5
GW6-120-176-30-ZP 120 0-30 600 30 175 GM6-3000D480101 C6-5.5
GW6-150-150-34-ZP 150 0-25 600 34 150 GM6-3000D480101 C6-5.5


Picture for reference:

high quality supplier of GW series hydraulic winch 0

high quality supplier of GW series hydraulic winch 1


Factory overview

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high quality radial piston hydraulic motor (GM series)




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